As I was just discussing elsewhere,

I think I understand the necessary and practical purposes for an INTj in regard to 'restraint'... this is speakin in terms of myself here, and my online activities, somewhat.

If isn't kept in check, then it can seem like it is superceding for my main function. And I'm pretty sure I'm j... so when this happens, I get into a state of shock it seems.

I say this now because I'm making some observations about the last few weeks. I think I've fatigued my to some extent, in regard to cramming for tests, and doing a lot of things that required my main extraverted function. Taking in tons of new information, without being able to refine it or process it, I've noticed that it is one of the most stressful things for me. I think I've actually become sick, which is related to the stress that comes from fatigue.

to go on a tangent...
overuse, for me, sort of feels like I need to use it more. But I can't, because if I do (too much), I get further and further away from .

And one last point to leave this post with: the last 2 weeks (very stressful academically) have made me appreciate planning and study time very much. I realize that, even though I may have a very intuitive streak at times, it IS best to try to keep that under wraps, because too much will burn me out. And I do not want to have to rely on Ne to rush. If I exhaust it, then it can throw me out of balance, or make me feel very fatigued.So in general, I have to use my leading function most, in order to feel pretty decent about things -- that seems to be the most imporant, most necessarily consistent thing for me. And as I am (I'm fairly certain) a j type, the rational function MUST remain my first function, and the more my secondary function tries to take over, the more out of balance and uneasy I become. The problem is, I've been toying around with a lot these last 2 years, so it has become very natural for me.... but I think, in the last two weeks (a very stressful time -- which probably makes me type stand out more clearly), I've really been able to see that I must use Ti first and Ne to help it out, and that is going to be the Best way for me to go about things.

I am reminded of the SOCIONICS profile:
In his youth he often tends to a cheerful lifestyle with many friends, games of chance, booze. Later he comes to the conclusion that all those things are something other than what he really needs.
I think developing my Ne, and other functions, has helped make me more confident in general, and much more talkative and so on. But in order for me to be 'really happy' about myself, and my life, and my direction, it does seem like I have to live via my ego block. Perhaps I am trying to make an "intuitive connection" here, but, I think this 'understanding' of my ego block necessities has something to do with the 'restraint' that an INTj can have. In some ways, I feel very overexposed -- and this even has to do with my own emotional expressions. If I overdo emotional expression (even fun things with friends, like jokes), then things get weird, and my /rythem has all those patterns set into it. Emotional expressions in this case are just the same as intuition overdoes, in that they both take away from my leading function.

So essentially, I am realizing the necessity of a certain level of "restraint" for my well being. I've read in many INTj profiles an aura of "restraint" (around strangers and such more so, of course), but I think I am beginning to see that such a method of interaction really IS a beneficial thing for an INTj.

I'm writting this partially for myslef, but I wonder if other INTjs can relate. And I also wonder how it is for ENTps -- I imagine it is simlar, but with some of the functions reversed, obviously.