1. Structural logic
Is able to state the ideas logically and convincingly. Builds schemes and concepts, precisely separates the main thing from minor. Having developed the general system, concretises it, approaches to practice. The philosophising, idealistic reasoning — not for it. Correctness of system defines on its internal logic consistency. Formal frameworks of system easily alters. Prefers the compact, extremely compressed information though can and develop it up to necessary volume. Well sees opportunities of systems, formal models and concepts. Gives objective, often impartial estimation to their potential. The particular is able to coordinate to the whole.

2. Intuition of opportunities
Aspires to improve or add any theory or development. Its attention is not escaped with alternative ideas. Persistently fills the passed parts of its interesting system. Possesses ability to generation of ideas, brain storm. Thinks very independently. Having understood a problem, puts forward essentially new decisions. Ideas to it come intuitively — on a guess. Logic for it only a way of registration of intuitively received information. It is capable to understand the confused, not clear problem. Will intuitively find the latent interrelations. Lack of the facts will replace with imagination. All gets into object of research more deeply.

3. Ethics of attitudes
It is very difficult to it to adjust attitudes with people. Does effort above itself to behave affably, to enter into close contact. Hides the private life from strangers. Does not love uninvited visitors, is not able to borrow them. In dialogue it is very cautious. Conversation supports only when it concerns significant for it to those. Values already developed attitudes. Persistently keeps that system of attitudes. Not begins to tear the debugged attitudes, but also will not cling to attitudes which have got rid of itself. It is indifferent to criticism from. Is not afraid of the negative attitude to. With unfamiliar or not clear to it people it is internally clamped, does not feel, how itself with them messages.

4. Power
Attitudes between people estimates on a degree of their ease and not constraint. Aspires to simple, democratic attitudes. The heavy, intense attitudes select at it forces, do passive. The soft and mild person, does not possess penetrative force. Feels sharp need for independence, territorial independence. Is not able to subordinate people, badly defends the daily interests. In critical situations it is irresolute. Though keeps cool, but requires the help as how to do. Ignores violence, power pressure. It is very counterbalanced and sustained. From it it is impossible to achieve anything compulsion.

5. Ethics of emotions
It weaken and calm friendliness, positive emotions. With pleasure on them responds, becomes sociable and witty. To close people aspires to deliver pleasure. On a close distance of oars also it is affable. The optimistic spirit transfers the partner. If emotions negative responds to them only when considers their proved. Otherwise is discharged or tries to extinguish them the logic analysis. Own emotions includes, only when passes to a close distance or feels in habitual, mastered conditions. Otherwise behaves coldly.

6. Sensations
In a life it is modest, agree to be content with a minimum of convenience. However the effective care of its health and comfort lifts a structure, adjusts on optimism. When its household and material problems are solved, its vigour increases — makes for the decision of those problems which have been postponed till the best times. Aspires to put on harmoniously, without pretentiousness and artificial ornaments. However the style finds not at once. Feels uncomfortably if it is dressed non-functionally, unseemly image for a situation. When it is surrounded long with discomfort, it conducts to accumulation of negative emotions. In due course its patience can burst.

7. Business logic
Well estimates prospects of new inventions and the enterprises. Will advise how to adjust unusual courageous business that it is necessary to undertake for its success. However itself efficiency and enterprise does not differ. Long thinks, before on something to be solved. Therefore that it is too cautious and inactive, that, on the contrary, suddenly goes on risk, hoping on luck. In concrete work that it is careful also all specifies, hastens to finish and start more likely it following work. The crude result does not confuse it: if it is necessary, subsequently will return back and will alter. In its interesting area wishes to know, how people operate, on what technologies work. On the basis of this information solves how to operate most. But the got labour skills quickly loses.

8. Intuition of time
Feels the dependence on a course of time. On meetings and actions comes in time. Is proud of the punctuality and organization. Is able so to calculate the forces that the planned work to finish precisely to the appointed term. However the beginning of work usually starts with lateness, therefore is closer to the end accelerates, because of what the volume or quality of work suffers. Searches for such methods of work which allow to save time. Very much does not love, when time is spent is useless. Warns of the employment, about presence of set of affairs which cannot be postponed. The destiny which it not in forces to break dominates over it. Only those business at it go right, which it begins in due time. Quickly forgets the last failures, but also from the future not anything good.