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I like lingerie; I need something to draw in my attention. I am an introvert of course. Body type is probably based on a few factors. First, is how many girls are knocking down my door? A guy gets cocky when there are plenty of women available. Secondly, erotic taste in body types seems to change with me. I like different looking women now than in the past. When I was younger, I like extremely thin women. I mostly had relationships with yoga instructor types. I have acquired a taste for some variations on that. I was normally repulsed by large breasts. I liked thin, athletic, ballet/yoga/soccer playing types. I have loosened up and have no deep preferences.

I do not like any music, both in general and for mood setting. Music makes me concentrate better, I concentrate too much.
Oh thank you and very important post. So apparently all is not lost when thin. Now I'm wondering how far to take my diet. I must do it at least until I'm comfortable in my body again. I don't like being a size 10 even if my breasts are now huge. An LSE I know once said breasts isn't necessarily about size but how nice they are. My response was, "Oh yeah, and you know how so-&-so's have all those odd corners ..." and everyone around started laughing.