Visual Type this!!

I made this video, it's me attempting to find out what it would be like to hang out with myself.

this is the transcription i did of myself...haha

-I'm going to try to do, I'm going to try to do every um face i know, heh alright

-(witness a poor quality woody allen impression, followed by random faces)

-This...fuckin....ahhh...this thsi...i...this....why....i'm talking to a camera like i'm talking to a camera, so i'm not really hanging out with myself as much as much as i'm trying to entertain my....

-this is not what hanging out with me is like at all. this is quite possibly the worst idea ever.

-you's the worst idea ever..or or...hanging out with me just sucks this bad. i'm ...leaning towards the latter.

a little voyeur humor for everyone.