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Thread: The Haunting of Hill House (TV Series)

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    Post The Haunting of Hill House (TV Series)

    Nell -
    Luke -
    Shirley -
    Theo -
    Steven -
    Olivia -
    Hugh -

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    Nell - 8/10 (ethical, introverted, intuitive - maybe EII)
    Luke - 7/9 (sensing, possibly introverted - if I had to guess, maybe SEI, but he's just as hard to type as Theo)
    Shirley - 2% milk (introverted, sensing, rational - maybe ESI because I think Steven is her conflictor)
    Theo - 7.5/## but 1/1 in her child form (delta irrational - I briefly considered SLI)
    Steven - 8/8.3 (logical, intuitive, possibly extroverted - maybe ILE because I think Shirley is his conflictor)
    Olivia - 12/13 (intuitive, ethical, possibly extroverted - maybe IEE)
    Hugh - 8/11 (logical, sensing, either LSE or SLI)

    these are my ratings of the characters because I don't know their types (sorry) but I still wanted to bump this thread

    I feel like most of my typings are based on gut feelings (aka unreliable) and what I think of their relationships with each other.

    I thought Olivia and Hugh were made to cover for each other's weak spots. Based on Olivia's description of their dynamic, Hugh keeps her grounded so she doesn't float away (paraphrasing). Hugh was the stoic handyman who fixed everything in the house, but he didn't know how to deal with his children on a personal level after Olivia died. He didn't want to tell them the truth - lest it taint their perception of their mother - so he said nothing in an attempt to protect them. And when Olivia died, she still existed in Hugh's mind as a physical presence who would help Hugh navigate his relationships with his children. Like that scene where Hugh visits Theo in the guest house after Theo is (supposedly) caught feeling up Shirley's husband, or that scene where he's talking to Luke at the funeral shortly before Luke leaves for Hill House. It's a symbiotic relationship, and I think they're Delta. And by default, I think most family sagas tend to incorporate a lot of Fi themes. Steven seems somewhat detached from the heavy Fi elements in this story, which is the main point of contention between himself and his family members, specifically Shirley.

    Despite the lingering conflict between Hugh and Steven - which is stronger than Hugh's conflict with the rest of his children - I don't think they're conflictors. There's usually a lot of responsibility thrust on the eldest child(ren), and the eldest child(ren) tend to assume parental responsibilities in their parents' absence (whether their parents are physically or psychologically absent). The real conflict lies between Steven and Shirley. I don't remember their interactions at Hill House (I wonder if anyone else felt like young Shirley didn't get as much airtime as the rest of her siblings?) but when they're older, it wasn't just an issue of Steven publishing the novel about their experiences at Hill House. Shirley is often lecturing Steven for not assuming his role as the eldest sibling, which leaves Shirley to deal with those responsibilities in his place.

    Sometimes I think Hugh might be Fe PoLR, but his relationship with Luke leads me to believe he's supervising Luke. Hugh often criticized young Luke whenever he tried to open up to him about what he was seeing at Hill House, and even if most of Hugh's critiques were rooted in ignorance (initially) and misled protection, I think his accompanying critiques about Luke needing to "man up" (which weren't his exact words, but it was the gist of his critique) made me think Hugh could be LSE as opposed to SLI. However Hugh had a huge soft spot for Nell - even if she was seeing similar apparitions - and his protectiveness became even more apparent when Nell disappeared during the storm. He exhibited similarly warm feelings at the end of the series when he was at Hill House with his children, and - if I remember correctly - he spoke very highly of Nell's unrelenting love for her siblings, which ended up being what saved her siblings from succumbing to the house in the same way that Nell had.

    It's hard to get an accurate read on the relationship between Nell and Luke because they're intricately connected by virtue of being twins, but I feel like Nell is to Luke what Theo is to Shirley (which is to say that I think Nell and Theo benefit Luke and Shirley, respectively). It's a relatively warm relationship, but it feels one-sided, but this lopsided dynamic is less noticeable between Nell and Luke. As for the dynamic between Shirley and Theo, I loved the scene where Theo reveals to Shirley that she doesn't live in Shirley's guest house because she can't afford to buy her own place, but because she needs to be there for Shirley's sake (did this actually happen, or am I imagining it?). Young Steven and young Luke had great chemistry, and I think their chemistry still peeks out every so often when they're adults, but there's so much underlying tension between the adult versions of these characters that it's difficult to find the "real" dynamics that aren't muddled by their childhood trauma.

    Theo is an interesting character, and I feel like her special ability (which makes her highly empathetic) might lead some to believe that she's an ethical type, along with her occupation, but she's consistently shown to be emotionally closed off. Throughout the series, it's her inability to give voice to her internal struggles that causes issues between herself and other people, specifically the woman she met at the club, and her family (especially Shirley) at Nell's funeral. I think she partially shares Steven's attitude toward the events at Hill House, despite the fact that Theo is naturally more open to the supernatural given her ability. She didn't deny its existence (at least I don't think so) but she did strive to detach herself from it in much the same manner as Steven, and she didn't share Shirley's ethical hangups with accepting Steven's royalties. In spite of the fact that she was disappointed in Steven, she understood that she still needed to pay her way through school, which is a mentality she shared with Shirley's husband (who - despite our nearly abysmal exposure to him - I'm going to guess he was Te ego).

    I'm probably going to re-watch the series with my brother the next time I see him, and I'll probably realize that I misremembered a few crucial details, so this post is probably going to be rewritten at some point in the near future.
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    I didn't feel like the characters had distinctive types. Sure, they had consistens personality traits - but most of them where so bland and uninteresting as human beings. They only existed to be victims of the house.

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