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    Default K-Drama Characters

    Oh My Ghost

    Kang Sun-Woo: ESE
    Na Bong-sun: Fi-EII
    Shin Soon-ae: Fi-SEE
    Choi Sung-Jae: SLI
    Heo Min-Soo: SLE
    Lee So-Hyung: Se-ESI
    Shin Myung-Ho: Delta (?)
    Jo Hye-Young: IEE
    Shin Kyung-Mo: Ti-LxI
    Seobinggo: Te-xLI

    Sound of Your Heart

    Jo Suk: Ne-IEE
    Choi Ae-bong: SLI
    Jo Joon: SEE
    Kwon Jung-Gwon: some ST
    Jo Chul-Wang: Alpha irrational
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