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Thread: What's my subtype?

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    Default What's my subtype?

    What do you all think my subtype is? I can't seem to figure it out.


    ADVISOR - Intuitive subtype

    The Advisor produces the impression of someone that is a little torn from reality. It is internally concentrated and somewhat scattered. It is inclined to swift contrasts in behavior. It can be shy and apathetic in one moment. This moment could drastically change into an emotional lift that brings out determination and activity. It can possess a melancholy expression of face as easily as it can possess a happy facial expression. It produces diverse impressions that can range from thoughtful to impulsive to optimistic to depressed to shy and to energetic. Due to it's perplexing internal world it can be very sensitive so it hides its problems under the mask of lightheartedness.

    The Advisor tries to be friendly to all while it attempts to understand those that it is communicating with. It often gives a soft smile while doing this. It is attentive, soft and tactful while remaining confident. It loves to investigates the problems of others. In doing so, it tries to give advice on how to avoid negative situations. It protects it's views emotionally and can present fierce pressure when arguing about it's own values.

    The Advisor's motions are badly coordinated and impulsive. It's gait is rapid and somewhat clumsy.

    IMPROVISOR - Ethical subtype

    The Improvisor is impatient and a bit extravagant. It is not easily predictable in it's actions and statements. It loves to astonish or to entertain those near it. It can even spice up daily events. The Improvisor frequently becomes the soul of the party since it possesses self-confidence combined with positive humor and spontaneity. This subtype is characterized by youthful sincerity and directness since it does not hide it's feelings often. It frequently creates comfortable situations with aquaintances even if the company is made up of unfamiliar people. Since it is optimistic and friendly, it often speaks compliments. Even though it is somewhat coy, it can be very straight-forward and rash in it's statements and behaviors. This produces the impression of theatricality.

    Sometimes it is energetic for periods of concentrated time. It looks direct and attentive during this time.

    The Improvisor's motions are usually sharp and decisive. It's gait is swift and confident even though it is somewhat angular. It loves originality but also has good taste and often produces a positive impression.
    Hi! I'm an ENFP. :-)

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    Default Re: What's my subtype?

    You remind me a bit of an ESFp I used to know so I say ethical subtype as it should be closer to ESFps. Intuitive subtypes being a bit more weird and more cocky. It seems you shine in people relations which would point to ethical sub. However without knowing you this is just a random guess. What kind of question is this anyways o_O Can you tell my subtype? O_o

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