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    Default Time is money

    Time is money.

    1. Social and individual time.

    Social time is time of a situation which is determined by speed of concrete social processes. It is absolutely depersonalized and submits only to the logic of development of a concrete situation. Different situations at present (now) may be at different stages of the development.

    Individual time - time of life of an individual. That is time of existence of the given albuminous body. Strictly speaking, it is the unique money which the person may invest in something and with which he pays the bills delivered to him by the society as various situations.

    2. Working time and time for work.

    For a person included in some social situation, time of a situation it is perceived as my working hours, and, accordingly, my, individual - it is structured by the situation in that volume in which the person directly participates in it as a part of a social reality. I can be simultaneously included in a set of the parallel situations not connected among themselves.

    Here two variants are possible.

    Either all your time is Time of your practice. And you learn irrespective of who has created the given situation: you, the society or uncle John.

    Or your time becomes linear and fragmentary, it breaks up to pieces:
    working time, free time

    By not accepting the situation as a part of you, you lose integrity and ermain only as a part of a situation.

    Life thus turns to a chain of casual interactions with extreme quantity of various external circumstances, in a chain of pleasures and sufferings with prevalence of enviroment-blaming reactions.

    3. Time - money. In what cash desk do you pay?

    Life has a property - to leave a person if he does not work with his situations.

    Time is many-dimensional and closed, a person participates in a set of various situations at the same time and simultaneously contains them all in himself.

    Why doesn’t a person live his life and pay into his cash desk?

    Why does he spend all his money on paying the bills for maintenance of a certain suchness? Why does he cease to remain himself turning into a detail of the social mechanism?

    The answer is simple - he observes the balance spending all his energy on maintenance of the certain image of being one man or another, suchness, and in exchange receiving energy from the society, to use which he was taught in his childhood.

    Being identified with some social form he turns out to be unequal to himself, keeping illusion of self-identity at full external conditionality.

    4. The person may not say that he has a private life till he is identified with some form. His life is the life of this form.

    5. Privatization of thinking.
    Privatization of emotional sphere.
    Privatization of a physical body.
    Privatization of life.
    What for do you privatize your house if your consciousness is not privatized?

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    I agree.

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