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I'm just reporting what the article itself said. I think it's more like a layer on top of type rather than working within Model A - as clearly you're right about one Ji lessening the other according to model A and standard socionics theory, and this contradicts that.

Edit: Put it this way, I think it's more behavioral than cognitive. Socionics theory is cognitive and the 2-subtype theory is as well, but DCNH seems to focus more social interactions (who plays what role in a group) and on behavioral traits than anything else.
I've observed the DCNH subtypes for many years. I'd say its primarily about "energized" functions. Behavior is secondary. It follows from it. And yes, it is a layer on top of model A. Some kind of emergent phenomenon. So DCNH is not a classification based on behaviour. It's a "psychic"/consciousness phenomenon, and actually quite easy to see.