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Thread: What do you (dis)like about your e-type?

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    - Generally positive attitude, optimistic about chances of success
    - Use negativity to fuel ambition ("success is the best revenge")
    - I have the highest rate of growth / development of any of my friends
    - Generally do well at everything I attempt
    - Repeating what Darya said - I can cut ties easily. My identity is always shifting and I have the ability to leave behind that which isn't contributing to the new version of myself.
    - I think very carefully about the person I want to be and what steps I need to take to get there. I have transformations between my identities like music artists between albums haha.
    - I'm able to be approachable and likable to a range of people.

    - Sometimes I'll be having a good time (often an intimate scene) and I'll become aware that I'm acting and below the mask is nothing. Empty.
    - Worry about making long term ties to people / things / places because it will make it difficult for me to grow at the same rate
    - Sometimes will waste time on youtube tutorials ranging from make up skills to new best productivity technique etc. Spent so much time and money on online self betterment stuff.
    - Very competitive, overly sensitive to criticism.
    - If I don't think I'll succeed, I'll stop trying so that I don't have to face the feeling of failure.
    - Often will achieve the things I'm working towards and instead of feeling happy about it, I'll have a sense of "what do now?" because I always need something to be chasing something. Or I'll feel empty or feel a sense of impostor syndrome.

    "I take back like half of the exclamation points.....they make me look....eager to please. Which I AM....but I don't want anyone to KNOW that"
    - Carrie Fisher

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    -thank god for 7 otherwise i'd be such a serious person
    -umm can't find any but i really don't mind it too much. anyway, complaining is more fun.

    -so much internal tension it's crazy
    -idealism and deep frustration completely permeates my life
    -i doubt if i'll ever be satisfied with myself. but maybe 80 yr old me will have found how to be at peace
    -very critical person (not so much on the outside but.. i fear other people may at times feel estranged by it if they sense it)
    -SO 4: chronic shame
    -often internally disappointed by others due to impossibly high standards but i keep it to myself
    -always feel like i'm waiting for something but.. your life is NOW!
    -sometimes i revisit old times in my life and everything seemed great, but I remember that on the inside i was just as dissatisfied as always so.. what's the point of anything in life if i can't just be happy while it's happening.
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    dislike (946)
    too lazy, unmotivated, unproductive, trapped in inaction like having to fight against a huge drag force to do anything (9 especially)
    high internal anxiety (6 and/or 9 disintegration)
    not competitive and if i did know how to be competitive i would do it wrong out of desperate need (9)
    unremarkable (9, 4)
    constant comparisons to others and find self lacking (4)
    self-indulgent (9, 4)
    can never "be myself" as there is no "self" and if there is, i dislike who it is and reject it, before "trying to find myself" again (9, 4)
    depressive (9, 4)
    self-obsessed (4)
    trapped in my cocoon, unable to emerge even though I'm an adult (9)
    fear of authority and social persecution leading to cowardice (6)
    emotional volatility, have not mastered the storm (4)
    self-loathing and intense shame (4)
    unable to keep up with the "march of humanity" (9)
    high frustration and tendency towards impatience (instinct triad?, 4)
    struggle to deal with conflicts, intense fear (9, 6)
    chameleon to myself (9)
    no identity and desperate need to define self (9, 4)
    constant procrastination (9, 6)
    emotionally masochistic (4)

    i really don't like these types right now haha

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    As a 1w2 sp/sx...


    1. Good work ethic
    2. Being very self-disciplined
    3. Being driven
    4. Being fair and principled in my own beliefs
    5. Methodical nature


    1. Obsessive tendencies
    2. Being overly critical at times
    3. Overly moralistic, sometimes at the expense of my objectivity
    4. Perfectionism. Decreases efficiency.
    5. Fear of being wrong or incorrect
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    secretly a lil' powerhouse girl...

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    9 (54)

    1. Can get along with most people. Generally avoid conflict and don't want to hold grudges or have animosity.
    2. easy to be around.
    3. Not high strung, relaxed, avoids getting involved in drama.
    4. socionics and enneagram compatibility aside, I have an easy time getting along with crazy people. I think they end up not seeing me as a threat or something. I "think" I generally understand most people and where their coming from.

    1. can be lazy as shit.
    2. lose motivation in environments where people thrive on conflict.
    3. Over-indulgence in food, sex, tv, and just things that feel good or entertaining when I should be doing more productive things.
    4. depression when I can't get away from conflict. Sometimes I wish I could just press a button and people would reset to something neutral or something. Or maybe I'm thinking of a nuclear bomb. I guess it's kind of the same result.
    ~Fish heads, fish heads, rolli polli fish heads~
    ~Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum!~

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    Internally tough and can handle ďstressfulĒ situations with ease.
    Caustic sense of humor.

    Basically the same shit I listed in the like section. Most of that got me in more trouble than what itís worth. Iíve burned most of the bridges Iíve crossed and although I donít have any regrets, sometimes I wished it wasnít the case. Iím a fighter, and I canít shut it off. If I see something wrong, more than likely, Iíll point it out. People expect me to behave a certain way and even though there are some people I want to please, like my parents, I just canít seem to compromise. By principle, I canít compromise. Iím really black/white in my thinking.

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