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Thread: "Caring" Si types as "childlike"

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    Quote Originally Posted by timber View Post
    I was seeing a Si type who gave my dick a pet nickname. He would baby talk to it calling it winky.....
    This is exactly why I only date Se/Ni types.
    And I'm what you desire, like a siren in the night

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    Everyone, pls give Bled some likes. He craves the likes much like Suedehead craves the cock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Singu View Post
    Si changes oneself physically to adapt to others, so therefore "care-taking" (like a parent sacrificing him/herself physically for the child)
    Ne mentally demands others to adapt to its ways, therefore "infantile" (like a child that demands parents to get his/her way)

    Ni changes oneself mentally to adapt to others, so therefore "victim" (an indecisive, self-sacrificing adult)
    Se physically demands others to adapt to its ways, therefore "aggressor" (like a bossy authority)
    Sorry for reviving an old thread. I've been browsing the forum and found that the OP resonated; before now, while I have considered that I could be an SEI I did always discount it on the grounds that I feel like I'm more childlike, vulnerable, than empowered competent caregiver. However on reading the above, I can see how I do engage in Caregiving behaviors (adapting to other's wants and needs, doing what they want, trying to be pleasing and non offensive in social situations, and physically). I always took Caregiving/Infantile to mean "do you want to look after someone and be their surrogate Mum, or be looked after?" which I always choose "looked after", because I do want to feel safe and secure in all my relationships, and I guess pampered in a romantic one. But I'm aware my views are a bit naive and Caregiver/Infantile is not a black and white scale..

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    Quote Originally Posted by squark View Post
    I generally think the erotic styles are overblown, but slater had an interesting take on them:
    Love this and honestly agree with a majority of it
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