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Thread: female SEI-ISFp socionics and ESTP in MBTI.

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    Default female SEI-ISFp socionics and ESTP in MBTI.

    Parts of MBTI Se (living in the moment, pleasure seeking, aesthetics) are covered by socionics Si.
    Parts of MBTI Si (memory, history, comparison, time-sense) are covered by Socionics Ni.
    Parts of MBTI Si (rule following) are covered by Socionics Ti.
    Parts of MBTI Ti (e.g. figuring out how things work) are covered by Socionics Te.
    Parts of MBTI Te (or just 'Jness' power, command, hierarchy) are covered by Socionics Se.
    Parts of MBTI Fi (e.g. emotional states) are covered by Socionics Fe.
    Parts of MBTI Fe (e.g. relationality, social appropriateness) are covered by Socionics Fi.

    I fell in love with socionics about a couple of weeks ago when a friend, into MBTI, wanted to type me as an ISFJ (although she speaks a lot about "wow no wonder we thought you were an ESTP.") I told her I agree with ISFJ (socionics wise) but I do think I'm still an ESTP. I don't know what to say, most of the time, as my thoughts are ineffable. so I really dont - unless its to crack jokes, share art, and be extra charming to break ice. I'm in love with theorizing in general but I cant stand to take it so seriously. In all the ways it can be taken seriously, I would feel too annoyed to even list them lol.

    I'm in love with making concept art.. I would call myself an artist, and as well-rounded I am in that aspect, I am as equally lazy. I plan to go to school for computer programming and art school to blend my loves. Since I was a child I've studied many eras of fashion and art, so I eventually I will pursue fashion. I think I will pick up sewing naturally as I picked up photography, as I seem to have an eye for technicality when it's in my realm of interest. At times when I speak about myself, I tend to sound like I'm bragging so lemme just say that's never my intention - but as a friend said, I'm tomboyish-gamine in many regards, so as I can be graceful and what not, I'm done trying to be Grace Kelly. Ahh, and though I cant stand organized religion one bit, but in love with spirituality.

    Glad this introduction is over, and glad to make your acquaintance! I like to socialize when it's not a headache to do so lolol. So... this should be fun!
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    Hey, welcome aboard!

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    Hello Sillage ~

    @Satan, please explain why you tagged me here, I am close to blurting out what I'd type her as based on that first post...
    I don't want to get in trouble again, haha.
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