It's largely known that people on the MBTI leer are using their personality theory for the educational purposes and MBTI originally was even actually thought out for the use for the schools to teach pupils by their gifts.There are
learnings stiles invented. Socionics does the same. There is a great contripution made by Victor Gulenko who's works on study methods are known even abroad the Russia and Ukrain. Unfortuantely we have no access to he's works.If only Dmitry Lőtov could enlighten us. So, I would like to know what do others think on Socionics and learning and do you people on board are also thinking that we could come up with some ideas how to learn more succesfully by knowing our secret wheapon from Lithuania- the Socionics. I , for example have discovered that it's great to learn by the hand of your Mirror Partner, who for me is INTj. Pedro The Lion , Jimmy, SFVB, reading their posts have helped me a lot to achieve better skills in writing and talking in English. I would like to thank them for that! Could we come up with some theories for learning?