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Thread: Do you believe in God?

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    It starts with faith, which is the necessary soil for your seed to grow.

    Many times our seeds lack proper foundation for growth; tossed aside the road, swallowed up in rocks, tangled up in thorns. We close our hearts demanding this and that and let our personal experiences influence our interpretation of truth. Rather, we must filter our personal experiences through the truth. This takes faith at first.

    I could give you a list of prophecies the Bible has fulfilled that hasn't been refuted via historical evidence. I could bombard you with logical and philosophical arguments. I could share with you the testimonies of millions that have witnessed His power.

    But all that doesn't matter when the heart is closed.

    Have faith first, and God will show you His wonders.

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life
    . -John 3:16

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    Because of my life, I know there is a God. (I will not get into the details.) Why he cannot/does not help, I don't know. Because of what I've seen on the Internet, I worry that all things spiritual have some kind of Tony Robbins "self-help" type of mantra to them. That is incredibly disappointing. Hopefully, if there is a God, He actually has something intelligent to say and He can get through to either me or them... What I'm saying is: spare me the emotional fluff. Also, please spare me the ad-hoc, practical rule of thumb approach as a solution - as that only just partially solves the problem. I want something deeper intellectually in some way here... I just don't want more of these empty, sappy emotional emotional arguments - "God sometimes makes mistakes" types of things that remind me of a line from Office Space: "Somebody has a case of the Mondays." If He's out there, I want some real help, and a lot less of that... (And certainly not any of the abusive, tyrannical approach I sometimes see from people - please aim it at them, and not me...)
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