Ok, well I've been trying really hard to try to nail down this ISFP type. They are an alpha, this should not be this hard!! Then it kind of just struck me out of the blue today, I think my 5 year old neice might actually be my dual.

I have a bond with her that I have with no one else in my family. We just think very much alike. So much so that most say she is like a little replica of me but I do see differences.

She is more detailed oriented and seems to care more about what's going on with the people around her than I did. She is more in tune with people than I was at that age. I was far more detached than her in pretty much every way.

Just because of her creative observations and diversity, I thought for a long time she must be an NT as well. But she kind of reminds me of a more motherly NT type than any actual NTs I know.

If she is an ISFP I see now why its so difficult for me to type them. There are so diverse and can really think like an NT times...but also like an NF, ST, and SF too.

They are actually pretty well-balanced characters.

The only thing that even made me sway that way is because I think I might know another ISFp. It just hit me today how much their appearance reminds me of each other. Also how suprised I am that someone so bright can also be so well balanced emotionally. Its like more often than not, if you are good in one area i.e. intelligence you suffer in another i.e. too detached from other people.

I also know she adores me too. She always wants to come over and stay with her Aunt Polly and have a sleep over. I actually have more fun with her than I do most adults.