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Thread: I don't get dual relationships (duality)

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    Quote Originally Posted by End View Post
    I do believe you are overthinking. It's just a theory/conceit of mine but the commitment decision should be left to the introvert. If she (whom I assume is introverted) thinks that you have long term potential, than ya actually do.

    After all, you already like her a lot. And believe you me, us introverts think very, very long and hard in regards to this question. We are well and fully aware of the limits of time and how every moment actually counts. In regards to the potential father/mother of our children, well, let's just say that we're very keen on ensuring the offspring experience the happiest of family environments provided we're not dramatically psychologically damaged.

    This could be an entirely gamma thing, but that's just how I view things. The girl I'm crushing on may well become my wife. I had best be damn sure she is fit for that role. Beauty fades, but personality is forever. The instant I think she'd be a bad mother? Instant drop. If I was a girl... The instant I think he'd be a bad father? Dropped. I like to keep it simple and direct.
    Lol, @End, thanks for that.

    It is weird that you mentioned the requirement that a woman be a good mother. That was exactly the main criterion that I used in determining whether or not a woman has long-term potential.

    When I met my ex-wife, she had several pluses and minuses.
    The pluses were that she was intelligent, beautiful, thin, had a good work ethic, had fantastic taste in clothes and furnishings, and I thought she would make a good mother.

    Minuses were that she wasn’t my “type”, she had had several rich BF’s before we met and none of them wanted to marry her, her family was a mess, she was kind of cold and remote, and she had a loud, weird laugh.

    All of the negatives were overruled by the fact that I thought that she’d make an excellent mother. And she did.

    Maybe this is a Gamma thing, I don’t know.

    I’ve dated lots of women who don’t meet this criterion, or who don’t meet it in a way that I agree with. It’s not the only criterion, but it’s a big one.
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