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Thread: I don't get dual relationships (duality)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pixel View Post
    I don't agree with this entirely.

    Rationals making faster descions I agree, Irrationals waiting and see I agree.

    But higher Ne will predict more spontaneity/flexibilty/ and starting new things without finishing.

    Higher Si will not be as spontaneous, flexible, or constantly starting new things as higher Ne.

    The stiffness no, the stiffness is more of a T thing in general, and not all T users but really extremely stiff people most likely have high T and low S, ILI for example tends to be stiff in movements, and they are irrational. LII as well, tend to have stiff movement.

    Leadership style probably has to do with F and T, Higher F more democratic higher T more authoritarian, now I don't think it's a hard fast rule but to say that ESTp leadership style is more democratic than EII leadership style is to have never seen either of them lead.
    Gulenko's idea re. movement:
    Sharpness of movement is observed in Involutionary types, along with sporadic shifting from one activity to another. These sudden shifts overtly contrast to the smoothness of Evolutionary types. In traditional Socionics, sharp movements are attributed to Rationality. In my opinion, however, this quality is more determined by Involution. For counterexample, consider the Evolutionary Rational types LSI and EII, whose motions are characteristically soft and smooth. Yet the nature of movement in Involutionary Irrationals SLE and IEE is so sharp that training them smooth movement is practically impossible.

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    General comment. So yeah again all that bullshit about reinin, gulenko etc. speculations and apophenia.

    But analysing the gulenko quote. Its funny with movement I'm in between. I'm told I'm stiff but I also know I can be soft and smooth careful with delicate stuff BUT I don't pay conscious attention to that and don't like to. What I like to pay conscious attention to is the sharp stuff and kinda heavy too at the same time

    So gulenko would type me LSI and SLE at the same time and that's just about right lol.

    Like I said, apophenia.

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    I tend to be quite smoothly sudden and clumsy, I think.
    Quote Originally Posted by Groucho Marx
    I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.

    Due to Fi PoLR do not send PM's, please. 50/50 likelihood to get a reply if I'm going to even read your messages. Let's keep things public.

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