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Thread: LII's PoLR function and warped thought patterns

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    Default LII's PoLR function and warped thought patterns

    It's just a bit of speculation on my own part, but might the fourth function of the INTj, the function that 'percieves information artificiallly at best', be one of the factors that are related to their often warped thought patterns? The correlation between the INTj and the schizo-typal disorder seems to point in this hypotheses favor, despite the anecodtal foundation of the evidence?

    I doubt there is any strong basis for this hypotheses, although I do believe it to be an interesting thought; if it's not correct, at least it is something for one to ponder.

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    Default Re: Might the INTJs fourth function be related to schizophre

    There does not seem to be any hard evidence but it is possible. Most INTJs seem to be quite well-adjusted but my current theory of INTJs is that seen from the outside there would seem to be at least three different versions: the fascinating weirdos or the "schizo-typical" personality, the rather dry intellectuals or the ISTJ look-alikes, and the lazybones layid back model which I seem to confuse with ISTPs. It is a pity there does not seem to be a way to verify my theories, I often seem to kind of notice the similarities between people but I cannot reliably tell which groups of people belong to which type. I could certainly myself fit into quite a many personality disorders so I try not to take these theories too seriously.

    One way of thinking could be that problems arise if the functions are too one-sidedly developed. Like if you try to fígure out everything logically as INTJs with introverted logic and then supplement that logical reasoning with extroverted intuion, or in practise develop your own theories rather then observe what happens in the real world, you start seeing all kinds of global patterns: like
    "there is a reason why things happen, somebody is definetily out there to get me"
    when in fact things just happen and you better try to adjust to it.
    Then again clinical schizofrenia is also clearly a neurological disease and the malfunction of the brain can usually be observed also in brain scans etc, so it may be that these Oldham's types kind of confuse unrelated behaviour patterns which just happen to look kind of similar.

    The sixth function can also be kind of like where your reactions to the stressful demands of life manifest themselves and where you try to find solace. I know one male INTJ who is constantly exercising: like running ten miles a day and going to women's aerobic classes after that, some INTJs again seem to become obsessed about bodybuilding. Anorexia may also be more common with INFJs and INTJs but it seems to be more complicated disease. There are similar patterns for other types, like ISTJs are often either totally distrustful of both other people and belief systems, or then they may become the most fanatical believers. INFPs again, well see for yourself...

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