don't know if anybody has seen this but it's this show about two lesbians who have five foster children. It's an ABC/Disney show so it's going to be heartwarming and corny but it also has some edgy/realistic moments. I'm gonna try to type the characters.

Lena Adams: EIE-Fe. She's some sensitive hippie do-gooder vice principal/social worker type. Biracial. She's a passionate activist about so many things. Very caring. But also talks in this uppity limosuine liberal way that can be a bit offputting.

Stef Foster: LSI. Blonde lesbian cop. Was in a relationship with a guy named Mike, who I think is a total hottie. Much more of a hardass than Lena is.

Mike: SEE. Stef's ex-husband, Brandon's father. Hunky italian cop who struggles with alcohol. Too bad he's straight. Also, Stef supervises THE LIVING CRAP out of him.

Brandon: ILE. His Fi polr is really super obvious because he's always so ambivalent and confused about who he really connects with. Does he like the redheaded chick Talya or Callie, his new Foster sister? Or does he like Dani, his dad's new girlfriend - or the hot chick in his new band. Plus he's sooo much like this guy named Steve (not steve entj, the entp one) that used to come on this forum and they both play the piano and everything.

Jesus: SLE. Sporty ADHD hot mexican kid. He's very charming, attractive, sexual. And physical. Has a Fi polr like Brandon because he has trouble with girls and committing interpersonally.

Mariana: EIE. Jesus' younger sister. Lena relates with her a lot, and so them being identicals makes sense. They have cute chemistry with each other u can physically feel almost so I like an activity relationship for them. She also is sooo much like ScarletLuv in a way.

Emma: SEI/ILI maybe. This annoying girl that I don't like. Not cuz of her type it's just.... she's kind of too abrasive and bossy. She is also in your face and teasing and kind of talks down to people. She also blew up at Jesus for stupid reasons when they were dating.

Vico: SLE/SLI? Sociopathic first season villain. He's a hot as fuck jock but also exploits others, steals expensive high school equipment, and is basically an overprivileged prick that isn't afraid to resort to violence. He's either some SLE gone wrong or some SLI gone wrong.

Jude: IEI-Fe. 13 year old gay boy. Reminds me of me I guess. He's very sweet and innocent and easily hurt. But also can be a whiny bitch, and strong about his morals. Has good chemistry with Lena since they are a lot alike. His first boyfriend Connor was so cute and hot. It made me want to molest them kind of even tho they are underage. He gets along really well with Callie. It sorta reminds me of how me and @aixelsyd get along; there's definitely that semi-dual lurve they feel for each other.

jude's abusive ex-foster dad: LSE. Such an over the top republican abusive str8 male LSE stereotype. Really bullied Jude.

Callie: SEE-Fi. 4w5. She has a way of mediating everything well and being sociable and well-liked. Another type for her is possibly a SEI but SEE works better I think because she has more of this idk how to say it, Se edge to her. She has lived a rough live in and out of juvenile homes and stuff. And has that SEE-ish way of manipulating and connecting with everybody, she's the heart of the show.

Mr. Timothy: LSE? I think he's some sorta delta because he annoys me. He might be ILE too, but he has these strong values but then at the most annoying time always goes back on his word and says and does something ass-y to other people. I think the actor (Jay Ali) definitely has Te-ego/Te-valuing eyes.

Rosie O'Donnel: lol of course Rosie has to be on a show about lesbians. I think she's SLE. The character she plays isn't much different from herself at all.

oh and I like the theme song. It's sweet lol (and reminds me of Ananke a lot for some reason?):