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It's like having a TV set in your head where a crazy nut constantly changes channels, and you just can't control it. When I do something physicaly, like cleaning (I have to - house rules ) I always generate a lot of ideas which aren't connected to anything. In a moment, I stop to "look at" the idea and concentrate on surrounding (broom ). It doesn't last long - the idea returns. Hmph... strange. Whatever I do physicaly, ideas get in my way, consuming most of my concentration.

I wonder, what is like to have an introverted intuition as your primary mental (first function) information processing device? What do INTPs "see" most of the time? What are your ideas about? Are you absent ]minded like ENTPs, when watching your "the TV set"?

This description is probably as good as any other. Rational (J) types have usually a greater illusion of conscious freedom to think what they want, whereas irrational (P) types never really know in advance what they will be thinking about...

PS Welcome back Hugo. You know, you could just use your old nick.