I think Fi is creating subjective symetry through objective heirarchy
I think Ti is creating objective symetry through subjective heirarchy

Fi: example premise: The abused abuse the weaker
Resulting reality: A punches B punches C punches D ...

As you can see the premise creates symetry subjectively because everyone experiences the same thing (except those who reject Fi systems). The result however exposes a heirarchy.

Ti and Fi and all the other functions are basically the same exact thing in another dimension. If only we could define these dimensions. In order to do this my Ne would suggest creating a 4D entity with a 4D inner world and a 4D outter world, then drawing in the structures. This won't represent a real person of course but it will represent the mind. I bet Einsteins ability to visualize how space time matter and energy convert to each other could generate a very nice socionics model, too bad he isn't around any more.