So many posts on this forum have gone off topic and have resulted in conflict between people which usually stemms from a simple misunderstanding of the other person's style and motivations (and sometimes other issues are involved ). I think it's time that people take a step back and look at their own point of view, and also try to decide what the opposing viewpoint would be. It doesn't mean that your point of view isn't the best one, but at least by being aware of how some people may see you differently than you see yourself, you won't get as frustrated when some people don't understand and appreciate the essence of your point of view.

The whole point of socionics is understanding others differences and to be able to accept them and try to increase compatibility and healthy relationships with other people.

I'll start and address each some of my qualms from both my own point of view and that of a person whose is different.

As an ENTp, I personally get frustrated when people don't pay attention to the context in which my statements or ideas are based in, and judge only on the statements by themselves

Another person, may view my statements as being incoherent and contradictory.

Another thing that irks me is when people try to take the wind out of my sails and bog me down with details that are frivolous.

Another person may see this as ignoring important details that would change the entire basis of my point and question its credibility.

People who are too serious and don't like exploring things for fun (everything has to have a purpose and be judged) frustrate me

Someone else could see this as either being lazy, not motivated, absent-minded, etc.

People who have tension with me and aren't straightforward in addressing it and resolving it and returning to good terms really bother me. This is a big one. I hate having a sour taste in my mouth and leaving conflict unresolved and festering - I like things to work out.

Other people may need more time to digest a conflict and sort it out themselves and may not be ready to address it head on and resolve it. "It's not that simple" in their minds.

- If everyone could try what I've done above I think it could make us all be a little more conscious about each other's styles. We each have our points of view and to us our points of view are the best, which they are, but I think it's a good idea to be a little aware of an opposing viewpoint so that we can relax our future frustrations towards one another's posts.