I'm posting this mainly just because it's funny. And my husband and I don't get upset with each other often so maybe an example of an issue in a dual marriage might be interesting to people? Or maybe you'll be amused by reading about how cheap ISTps are? Or maybe how ditzy and gullible ENFps can be?

A few months ago, I bought my husband some running shoes. The guy at the shoe store said that I could get three months free of three magazines. He said all I had to do was cancel the magazines before the three months were up and I'd never get sent a bill. They'd even send me a reminder before they billed me so I'd remember to cancel.

I thought that sounded cool. So I signed up for the free magazines.

OK so the other day was three months so I decided to call and cancel even though I'd never gotten the fabled reminder. I got stuck in this phone-tree purgatory where it would say, "To speak to a representative, please press 0" and I'd press 0 and it would kick me back to a menu I'd answered earlier. I got into this phone tree circle and couldn't navigate my way out.

So yesterday I gave the stuff to my husband and told him what was up. I said I couldn't get through the phone tree. He called and got frustrated with the phone tree but made it through to a representative. The representative said she would cancel two but we'd already been billed for one of them. My husband said we weren't going to pay for it, and she said it had already been charged to our credit card.

He checked and indeed it had been charged. Apparently the shoe store had shared our credit card info with the magazine people and they had charged us $50.

My husband went into crisis mode. He was very upset with me for falling for this scheme. He was very upset with the shoe store for sharing our credit card info. He was very upset with the magazine people for coming up with the scheme.

He said to me, "I know you always think the best of people and assume people aren't out to rip you off, but please from now on call me before you agree to anything like this!" I think I got off the hook with just that.

But he has now reported our credit card stolen so that no future magazine charges can be put on it. Today we are going to the bank to get another credit card.

I do feel stupid for falling for it. *sigh* But geeze it's only $50. It isn't like the world is going to cave in!

I will be hearing about this $50 for EVER. Truly.