My whole reason for learning socionics is to apply it's methods in everyday life. Say for example, I meet a girl ... I want to fully be able to comprehend her actions as well as understand the possible implications of future actions in response to my actions. If she is fling material, I can act appropiatelly. If she is relationship material, I can act appropiatelly. If she is trailor trash, any idiot can tell those women apart. If she is someone I would find interesting, I would know it.

And yes, I am very analytical ... I've understood spoken phrases in other languages I have not learned meerly by dissecting what appears to be the various forms of speech and seeking dual similarities. That sounds weird, but after learning 4 laguages it has become quite easy. But, I bet no one would credit me in that my mind is so familiar with diffrent grammar systerms on the meer account that I am lousy typer and speller and avoid format. I think they are idiots for avoiding the asthetic, they think I am an idiot for avoiding the framework. Does that sound familiar?

So technically what I am saying is that I don't care about how a thing is presented or how I am presented, as long as it could be applied effectivelly by me. And so far I have no reason to say that socionics does not work. If anything, I am starting to see that it does work and is reliable; scientific undeniability, credibility, and professionalism have no hold over my own personal experience, so a person can either benefit from what I learned or not benefit. I don't care because it works for me either way and what another person thinks does not effect me.

If people want my respect, then they will have to tolerate my learning style. After I have learned socionics, then I will try being professional. For now they will just have to tolerate my occasional mistakes and unorthodox methods of comprehension.