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Thread: producing function bound by the accepting (first) function

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    Default producing function bound by the accepting (first) function.

    the second function is in the service of the first function. But do you think it is necessarily limited by its confines?

    Here is a quote from

    "An accepting function functions only within the boundaries set by the producing function and can not deviate from those boundaries."

    What do you think? If your producing function servers to function towards the service of the first function, will it be limited in its perception or in its judgments? Feel free to attack either the notion that the perceiving and judging functions are mutually exclusive and that you can only use one function in a certain role...

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    I think in a basic sense, this is just saying that people are naturally limited by their own information and judgments.

    Say a person is . That means he/she makes logical judgments based on concrete/sensory information. One can't make judgments on information one doesn't have. I think that's all this is saying.

    However, I don't think people are limited by the theory. A person who is could learn to develop to some extentn and could use with that. But short of such excursions, the normal case would be that the person would use what's in the ego block.

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