I must be allowed to have my 15 minutes of doubt just like everyone else, right?

I'm still pretty sure I'm INTj, but I would like to double check what you folks think.


I consider myself a passionate person more than an emotional person. My feelings tend to be volcanic, simmering, boiling over sometimes. My old signature "My fever burns me deeper than I've ever shown to you", a quote from Fiona Apple's "Never is a Promise", describes me very well.

I'm a bit high-strung and if I mess up or feel insecure about something and start to freak out and get nervous, a calm, firm, objective "it's ok" does more for me at these times than any amount of kindly, well-meaning, but unfounded assurances (ie. "you'll do fine").

My ISTp and ESFp sisters tell me that I'm definitely a thinking type, not a feeling type, but the ESFp also said that she's never seen me depressed, and I've felt depressed plenty of times, so it makes me wonder if I just hide it too well. (Though I tend to isolate myself when I'm feeling that way.)

I'm not as empathetic as I would like to be, I don't really jump in to help people, sometimes because it just doesn't occur to me to do so. I'm not really a lover of animals or children.

I used to write alot of poetry, still do sometimes. It tends to be pretty emotional (especially the ones from my "teen angst" period ), but I also like to play word games with it. I'll include a short one for writing style purposes (and because I like to show it off :wink.

Stinging grease paint in my eyes
I damn much denied tears inside my
Face frustration of my own
Imagination, inexorable stone
Hard I strain against reflection
Self-esteem versus self-correction
Walls that hold back, none for leaning
Continue mute gesturing devoid of meaning
Another point is that INTjs aren't supposed to care if anyone doubts their intelligence (or am I mistaken and that is a MBTI thing?). It REALLY bothers me. Once when I was younger someone called me "retard" (I accidently ran into them or something) and it tore me up for days. It bothers me to give my real opinion on things because I'm afraid someone will refute it and make me feel stupid. Lastly, I used to fear losing games or doing badly on tests (better now).

Okay, that's it for now. Probably these things just confirm that I'm INTj and that INTjs aren't the emotionless thinkers people often think we are.