About reversed dual-profiles as mentioned in http://www.dualprofiles.com/

"People who look strikingly alike share the same dual-profile and reverse dual-profile"
(The "and" should be an or.)

I thought the first thing to say about this would be to mention families, where patterns around the children (who may look (very) alike) often may be disposed to create either type of dual-personalities.
Thus, this circumstance is logical, but what is not logical is to apply the
statement above in this example;

Person nr 1 is an ENTP and is strikingly alike person nr 2 who is a dual-type INTP. However, the person nr 2 is also strikingly alike a person nr 3, who is a dual-type INTJ to person nr 2.

Thus, it may be, that the persons nr 1 and 3 resembles eachother even though they aren´t any of the dual-types to eachother.

And, what is to say about any correlation within the personality types in a family? If the parents are that and that and the first child is a.. then the second child will be etc etc..?