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Thread: the socionics forum to rule them all(spoiler)

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    Default the socionics forum to rule them all(spoiler)

    I haven't actually started work on this, and being the idea of an ENTp, there's a major possibility it will never see the light of day. I'm putting this on record so that you guys can nag me about it and so I can have someone to impress.

    This forum could be a really great source of information for people looking for concrete examples of the abstract type and relationship descriptions that are so scarce on the english speaking web. It could also serve to supplement the descriptions that are already there. Imagine i'm new to the forum and I want to find out about, say, relations of duality between ENTp and ISFp. I'll dig up a heap of posts by joy from when she claimed to be 1000% sure of being ENTp - am I to discard everything she said at that time? What about the other posts in those threads? Where do those "facts" -- that were such convincing evidence of whatever she was talking about at the time -- fit in to the grand scheme now that she's ISTj? I'll also find a heap of threads that may once have been full of useful content but have since been edited for gayness.

    So in my free time this semester I'm going to solve this problem with the power of the internet. It will be a web-app that is part wiki, part forum, part spreadsheet, part mind-map.

    Each user will have their own area where they describe themselves, other people and their relationships with those other people. This process will be made easier by automagic links to relevant information, rotateable diagrams etc. Other users will be able to comment on these and poke holes in the reasoning they use. A central forum area will aggregate this process so it's easy to keep track of what everyone's doing and comment where appropriate. Posts will be arranged in a tree structure like usenet rather than linear ordering.

    When Joy finally decides she's actually ESFp and has been all along and has never been so 100% sure of anything in her life, everything she ever said about ISTj-hood ISTj intertype relations will be flagged as suspect (or not displayed at all) until she demonstrates why every piece of evidence she'd previously presented actually points towards her new type.

    If someone is curious about a correlation between say...INFps and a fondness for weed, everyone who has described an INFp will be given the opportunity to comment for each INFp they described.

    Users will have skill ratings which will affect the certainty ratings of their posts. There'll be the opportunity to rate others, creating a web of trust. Obviously, if Rick thinks you're ISTp with 75% certainty, it means a lot more than if Joy thinks you're ENTj with infinity% certainty.

    I'm ENTp so it's entirely doable. I need something impressive for my portfolio, and I need to learn some skills. Expect something by Christmas. The hard part will be tweaking it to be an enjoyable experience for all users.

    Ignoring implementation issues for now, are there any suggestions?

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    Haha, here we go again.

    Good luck with that sweet one.

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