by Joe Platania, Ph.D.

Have any of you read it? This is my friend's summary/reveiw:

"This is a very lightweight and fun but all too brief introduction to the rest of Jung's work. Rife with comical cartoon illustrations and personal anecdotes, it's more like something I'd expect to find in the Sunday morning funnies than in the Psychology section. The book addresses Jung's life and a range of his theories. There's a lot about them I didn't know. Two major quotes from the book seem to capture its spirit:

Put it this way: Some people are so good that all we can do is look up to them. Jung wasn't one of them.

Freud, for all his brilliance, shrunk us until we were little more than hormones with high IQs. Jung, for all his flaws, gave us back our Souls.
Jung might have been familiar with psychology because he might have been a bit psychotic himself. He lived in dark, prejudiced, and sexist times, and his ideas reflected it. He was a troubled man, a Nazi, and an adulterer. His mother was taken to a mental institution, his father was a disillusioned lost Shepherd, and Jung himself probably had Dissociative Identity Disorders (which may have been why he could identify the various personality types).

Jung was Christian, and he declared that "the archetype carries specific energy and is capable of acting upon the world". He declared four archetypes: the father (static male), the animus/hero (dynamic male), the anima/muse (dynamic female), and the mother (static female)... or, the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and Mary, Mother of God. He also suggested that all the archetypes are dualities, and Mephistopheles is the shadow of Jesus -- that the Christ and Anti-Christ are the same.

Jung had a great many theories, which stemmed from the influence of Freud. He was Freud's chosen successor for a while. In additional to personality types and archetypes, he had theories about the psyche, religion, alchemy, art, sexuality, and the paranormal. By now, most of his theories have been thrown out of the realm of science, but the effects are still felt, and the theories are still very interesting as mythology."

I want to read the book but I have yet to see it local. Im too cheap to order it lol.