okay... this is the idea...

The first section contains 8 to 16 questions to determine N vs. S and T vs. F. There is a note at the top that tells people that sometimes it's easy to pick a certain answer because we often act that way because it's what our environment demands of us, but for the purposes of this test, we should think about how we most comfortably and naturally behave when we are at our healthiest and happiest. For this section, try not to focus on the things you do because you feel you're "supposed to" or the way you are under extreme stress or when you're not well.

The second section takes their most likely dichotomies and narrows their type down by functions... For example, if they scored SF, they would be asked which of the two descriptions fit them better, Se and Fi or Si and Fe. If neither sounded quite right, they could go back and try ST or NF or whatever.

From there, the third section decides which function is the first and which is the second by asking questions specific to those types. This section will include questions about their 3rd and 4th functions. These are conscious functions, and there is no reason that we shouldn't be able to use them for testing. For example, an ENxjs question about the 4th function could say, "Sometimes people criticize me about how I take care of my health, hygiene, physical appearance, and the appearance of my surroundings. It can really bother me sometimes and I don't like talking about it, but I have more important things to worry about." I didn't really put much thought into the exact wording of that statement, but you get the idea.

At the end, they get their results. The most likely choice is displayed with a type description, but if there are any contradictions in their answers, it will list other possible types with links to those descriptions.

Let me make it perfectly clear... I do not think that testing is a valid form of typing. It can be useful for newcomers trying to narrow down possible types, though.

Anyways, I want the results to be given with links so that people can post them as images in forums and in blogs. I uh... don't know how to do this... and I'm not sure that I care enough to bother to learn. Also, I'm not sure I'm that I'm comfortable with plagiarizing things already written about functions or types. Is it one of those things where it's okay, as long as you credit the sources?

Any comments? Any takers as far as helping? I don't believe I've seen a single test so far that uses Se, Si, Ne, Ni, Fe, Fi, Te, and Ti or model A. I'm sick of all of this I, E, S, N, F, T, P, and J bullshit. Even the best of the tests that I've seen, which is dmitri's, uses IJ, NT, etc. Also, I believe that the test could end up being much shorter than others we've seen because it cuts out a lot of useless crap right in the beginning and doesn't use pointless questions about E, I, P, and J.