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Thread: symbolism versus superstition

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    Default symbolism versus superstition

    People often ask "Are you superstitious?" and I've never believed myself to be. I've sort of mocked people who reply with silly comments about how "one time..." and "another time...and... dead people...and GOD...this tree started can you not believe?... at the exact second i tripped over a rock and broke my angel came and sat on my shoulder as the (insert tragedy here)." Blah, it seems so stupid and inconsequential to me.

    However, in thinking about the idea of superstition and possible reasons I think it's silly, I recognized that while I am not supersitious, I do readily notice coincidences that others do not, and I completely enjoy it. Further, if ever I share these thoughts with people, they assume I attach personal significance to them when, in reality, I'm just piecing together another element of naturally ocurring paradox.

    For example, if I see a number 96 everywhere exactly one year after my 96 year old grandfather dies which just happened to be in 1996 (not true, just saying...)here's an example of what might happen: (warning: stream of consciousness) I get excited because I'm reminded of some abstract idea like interconnectedness and I think of how my grandfather and I didn't get along and how I had to forgive him and I think of the number backwards which triggers thoughts of oral fixation and then the memory of a really strange dream I had once about my grandfather involving feeding him a bottle of milk on a top bunk where he is the baby and I am the mother which seemed to be heavily symbolizing redemption, renewal and role reversal at the time, bringing everything back to what I was doing in 1996. [/chaos]

    These kind of non-stop sentences that are triggered in my mind (all produced by the recognition of symbols that might cause others to become superstitous) -- To which socionics functions do they relate? Why might I mock the superstitious while entertaining myself with grandiose storytelling all based on symbolic half-truths?
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    I'm not %100 sure that it does have to do with one's type. These sort of thoughts fill up my mind all the time, sometimes to the point where I can't get anything done. I don't associate any sort of superstition or belief to them either. And I never mention them to anyone else unless I can order the thoughts into something that would make sense outside of my head (I've been given that "WTF are you talking about" look enough in my time).

    But then I'm no expert at socionics, so maybe it does
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