This is another socionics test after Word Selection/Type Assistant. I suggest everyone to try this test when you've got the time, it is a loooong test of about 300 questions. (MT Questionnaire)
© M.Lytova (Stovpyuk), D.Lytov, 2003, translated by D.Lytov and S.Nakrokhina, 2004

The people who score the tests are pretty nice, they give us results in great detail, I think anyone who wants to take this test may also want to give the test inventors feedback for their test results, just so to help with their research and study, and this is probably all they/the test inventors wish from the participants (I think) for all their hardwork.

**I am suggesting this link here mainly for the VERY new comers like myself (most people here may have already taken this test), since it took me a while to know/find out this site/test as there was overwhelming info. to digest at the beggining.