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Thread: Article: INFp description by Filatova

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    Default Article: INFp description (Filatova)


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    Default Understanding the People around You

    I ordered the book sol recommended, "Understanding the People around You: An Introduction to Socionics" by Ekaterina Filatova. I started reading it last night and continued this morning when we lost power since it was early and I had nothing to do. Of course the first thing I did was skip to one type description then went back and started reading properly from the beginning.

    So far it is worth every penny. I got it for free with amazon book credits that were expiring. Good thing he mentioned it since I had no idea they were expiring.

    This is the one true "socionics for dummies" book and I don't mean it as an insult. I think it is a good beginner book (minus the type descriptions). I will show an excerpt of this type from the book to give an idea what you get.
    Posting here since it is a description by her that is freely available.

    I highlighted some parts to share with someone else but not for any particular reason I want to share here.


    You get more information on types just reading articles here.

    Not saying the book is bad (for beginners) but it was what I already knew from reading articles on It also mentions it is science or socionics is scientific like 10 times in the preface. That is misleading in so many ways but doesn't matter to me. I can look past it. It might matter to some though.

    Anyway here is the link to the book that the spoilered excerpt is from.

    I will finish reading it, including all the type descriptions. I was tempted to skip all but a couple.

    My biggest issues with the book are the outdated and shallow examples of a function in action. It was obviously culturally biased and seemed a throwback to a very sheltered time and place. I believe people like Gulenko and others are trying to bridge the cultural and time gap and have expanded the information according to the changing times. I do not always agree with his understanding but at least there is change.

    Without people like him the system would stagnate. I feel it is obsolete in many areas of human understanding but that could also change with the times too. It will never be real science. It will never take hold like MBTI. I am almost willing to bet everything on that.

    Some socionists may have a more general understanding how relationships work in the real world beyond theory and incorporate more of that but there is always going to be some bias due to the subjective nature of it all. If you get stuck in outdated descriptions taken as gospel you will not have real clarity. Interestingly a cultural bias (prejudice) is acknowledged in part, by the author, which was cool to see.

    I know I am not great at reviewing books. I just wanted to give my feedback on what I have read so far. If I change my mind by the time I get to the last page (maybe later today or tomorrow) I will update. I am still sleepy so may edit this later to be more coherent. Not even going to proofread.

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    I can't believe I thought I was IEI just because I am creative and emotional. I love Te and Se and I have no problems with using them. I may largely be unaware of Fe. People that know me call me organized and hardworking; I don't know how that would fit with IEI.

    I would say that when I am at an absolute low, I act like an IEI. I lose my sense of Te drive and Se willpower.
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    I like what the description said about IEIs in strangers vs family & close friends.

    Actually I think this is something I would like to change in myself if possible. I should be kinder to my family/close friends and a bit ruder to other people. I am really tactful with people- too much so. It probably comes off really creepy and I should change it. I should talk more like 'normal grumpy str8 man ish' or something? People think I'm being too manipulative when I'm nice like that.

    The part about the good luck charm thing is stupid though. I can't relate to to that at all. I have nothing in my house, no amulet or stupid thing to bring me 'good luck'- all my power is completely from within. I am a natural mage/caster. I don't need a catalyst or prop. I don't need to light candles or carry trinkets around like lesser witches to cast my magic- I just do it naturally in shitty clothes from Target.

    Magic is real. Mage users are just losers with no self confidence as balance for our ultimate and inspiring abilities. You know the saying 'God gives with one hand' and that applies to everybody. He either makes you physically strong willed but shitty at magic, or great at magic but your physical presence is 'loser Carrie.' If you're good at both maybe that's a Red Mage but those people are also weak in the sense they are often just used for comic relief/not taken seriously enough as there's a real feather in their cap as opposed to trying to get one. (ironically the trying to get the feather is more of a serious power than a real one)

    My magical powers of imagination are so great, I have convinced very powerful people in society that they were real even when they weren't, ppl that are way above you all- that you wouldn't know. I don't think I am the gullible and impressionable one here, other people are- that's kind of the entire point of magic. I have gotten people to think my imagination was real it's so potent- when it's clearly not. You're supposed to say 'lol dreamer imaginative fag' but I successfully convinced you my dream was reality.

    But this is why I have to be careful. I'm too powerful. I wave my hand and reality conforms to my will - all too easily. I have often thought about things and then watched as other people talked bout what I was thinking about. I gaslighted them to start talk about it IRL and being my sock puppets without having to do much of anything. If my thoughts aren't at least somewhat moral or "too evil", it comes to bite me in the ass because people end up thinking I'm a real murderer just because I imagined it. You have to balance this with better and more positive thoughts.

    Also, I have made people I cared about fight too much for my own amusement all while being completely silent. I literally gaslighted them from such a "high" place- a place they didn't even realize. I'm ashamed of doing this, because its' 'not right.' I'm supposed to use my powers for good, not evil- but I am tempted to do evil at times even tho I don't really give into it. You know you're an important person when The First Evil speaks to you. If it doesn't talk to you at all, you're just an innocent goyim. I can't pretend to be weak any more...

    I know it's an imagination, but do you? I don't think I'm the gullible one here but okay. Sounds like a projection. I liked most else of what he wrote though.
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