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Thread: 3 Role Function, 8 Demonstrative Functinon - educate me / Di

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    Default 3 Role Function, 8 Demonstrative Functinon - educate me / Di

    3 Role Function, 8 Demonstrative Functinon - educate me / Discussion following

    Can someone explain the nature of these things?

    Furthermore, explain why and how the "name" ("Role" or "Demonstrative", for example) -the name of the "classification" of the function came into being.

    I hastily looked for some answers, and I'm sure there is a linked that I missed. But I m ade this thread because there are some other ethigns I might want to discuss, after I read the material directly.

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    The name "role function" is from the idea that this function people see as a certain social role that must be played, and people tend to use common behavioral stereotypes in this area rather than apply creativity. So:

    LII's and LSI's apply stereotypical rules of showing their good will towards others and maintaining "proper relationships."
    SEE's and SLE's apply stereotypical rules for demonstrating their broad knowledge and awareness of things that they haven't seen or experienced personally.
    ... etc.

    "Demonstrative function" has a hazier meaning. It is commonly seen as "servicing" duals' vulnerable function, in other words, when information signals of this element enter from without, the dual with the demonstrative function reacts quickly and automatically, or "physically," while the dual with the vulnerable function barely has time to think about it and start worrying. In other words, the first takes care of it quickly without talking about it, while the other thinks about it briefly and forgets. This allows them to focus completely on other information elements, while at the same time responding flexibly to this type of information.

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