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    A friend of mine was in a relationship with this guy for about a year. Few months into the relationship she started to feel "calustrophobic" and progressively avoid any physical interaction with her then-boyfriend. Although she no longer wanted to be with him, she did not know how to say it directly and resorted to just ignoring him.
    Finally, she got the courage to tell him that it is over however, he just wouldn't give up. He was convinced that she is just going through a phase and that they can work things out. He was very attracted to her strength and independence but it turns out that those qualities - especially independence - did not work in his favour.

    He sent her cards, flowers, etc...He would email her asking for updates about her life and question why she was not responding.
    Finally, after another flower delivery, she got REALLY annoyed and sent him the following e-mail:


    Thanks again for the flowers. But WHY are you doing
    this??!! I think that is enough. I don't know what you
    are trying to accomplish with this.

    Yes, I do check this email - after all, this is my
    email. Just because I don't respond, it doesn't mean
    that I don't check it.
    I am not sending you 'updates' about my life because I don't have
    the need for this either.
    I thought I made myself clear before but obviously it
    wasn't clear enough. I don't have those feelings
    anymore and I can't magically get them back. As far as
    I am concerned, this is over. I hope you deal with it

    Didn't want to be this crude but I have no choice but
    to say it the way it is. As I said before, I don't
    want you to waste your time - so don't.

    I do wish everything works out with you.


    Judging from the above email - what type would you think she is?

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    She's any woman (not type related).

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    She was very annoyed when she sent it so she probably said things she wouldn't normally say, therefore it's not possible to determine her type with this letter.

    I'd say she might have either very weak Se or very weak Fe. 4 different types. And she might any of them or neither of them.
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