At first I thought it was ludicrous to believe that our brain works in ordered manner with set rules. However, I now know that that is the way that our D.N.A. works and without structure, there is no way that life could even exist (At least that is what they tell us). It is natural for our brain to develop an ordered system to determine behaviour patterns. That would mean that every function has little to no correlation with how our brain developed or it's strengths, but it deals with how our brain reacts to the environment or set circumstances. There might of been several functions that are practically non-existant at this moment and some of the functions that are present today were unheard of at the past. That means that the 8 functions that we use today represent the end result of the human condition over millions of years.

To get to the point, I believe that a function is basically a message that travels across the brain. The difference between each function is that it travels in specific areas of the brain in a certain pattern in order to develop the ability to use that function in real life. Each of these 8 functions is used by every person, but encrypted in everyone's D.N.A. is the preference to use some functions more than others. I am now beginning to understand why introverted judgement is followed by extraverted perceiving. That is because it will conflict with the other pathways in similar regions resulting in a chaotic disturbance in the brain. I believe the reason that certain functions are preferred over others is mainly because that our brain can exert more energy and strength into that function. This will result in a much higher rate of usefulness and ability. If all of the functions were equally divided, then there would be very little influence from each function and our behaviour would be very minimalized and weak.

*I hope all of you can be open with me on this topic. If you disagree with me on this matter, I will welcome your criticism if you give me an explanation of why I am wrong. I'd like to understand this matter even further and this is only possible with insight and criticism.*