Idea stolen from Sergei Ganin. He started with his "Uncovered" profiles, but is incomplete with those and leaves most of the types out. So the following is a rough guide to put together Uncovered profiles for yourself.

Extraverted Thinking:

Knows how to do everything, and is the natural master at perfecting them. They're also pretty good at *telling* people how much they know about everything, along with willingly volunteering to demonstrate their far superior skills. They know the "right" way something should be done, and have little inhabition in holding back their perfect opinions.

Extraverted Feeling:

They can please everyone they meet with little effort. In fact, they are so confident that everyone likes them that they feel no need to even question their interpersonal skills. They only act in ways they already establish to be "socially accepted". If they should be crying, they shed a tear, if they need to compliment someone, they will, because these are the only ways to make friends. Naturally, the shedded tear dries up as soon as no one is looking.

Introverted Thinking:

God forbid we actually rely on tested evidence to prove something. Anything even remotely connected to reality is, obviously, wrong. The only "truth" in the world is that belonging to the Introverted Thinker, naturally. Unfortunatly, one of them *knows* something that is completely contradictory to another Introverted Thinker. YET EVERYONE OF THEM IS RIGHT, ALWAYS... THERE IS NEVER AN EXCEPTION. Oh, and don't criticize their idea of the truth, either. They take it personally.

Introverted Feeling:

Everyone's evil. They love saying, "What's wrong with you?" Of course, everything is wrong with everyone else, not them. They think everyone's out to "get" them. They secretly think that people are consipiring to eventually kill them. Just watch yourself; this is the type to lure you in, then stab you in the back.

Extraverted Sensing:

"Oh God, forgive me! I know not what I do!" New job promotion? OooOops, I was too busy partying last night and overslept. Doctor's appointment? Sorry, it's time for seeeeeexxx. Taxes due? Hell, I'll worry about that later. As long as I can get a hold of your think, hard penis, yum yum yum. Anything to avoid work... LiKe coOl yOoo!! LOOK AT ME, LOOK LOOK LOOK, I'M SO GREAT AND STRONG AND BETTER THAN YOUS-GUYS... ARRGHHH... MONKEY KNIFE FIGHT!!!

Extraverted Intuition:

Can't stand in place for more than 10 seconds. They have the attention span of a retarded poodle, and will scream at the top of their lungs as soon as they learn something new; the world needs to know. "Here, listen to me play the guitar... oh, wait, hold on, I also heard this funny joke early, it's about a Polish guy who... hey, did you know aliens are actually real and the goverment tries to cover it up? Watch ME do a cartwhell... hehehe, yay!"

Introverted Sensing:

Could they be any more inappropriate? Don't they realize that there are "norms" to be followed? Believe it or not, there is a whole nother world to participate in here, wake up and be apart of it already! Duh. And don't think that you're so cool when you throw violent rages because you repressed everything to the breaking point in the first place. Oh, and you're not really that cool and "your" ways of doing things really aren't that effective anyway even if you pretend it's true.

Introverted Intuition:

Let's time float away into the great abyss, and don't really care about it anyway. What's a day really? The only thing that really matters is their all-too-comfortable dream world filled with goblins and fairies and lilly pads. Unfortunately, this dream world is eventually mistaken for reality, and they believe it too. What does this mean? Of course, it meas that everyone else in the world is crazy because they can't see what the Introverted Intuitive sees. Everyone else must be criticized for their stupidity.