He cousin of a friend of mine who is ISFP's (which I invade her computer, hehe), but I don't know what type he is.
They only types I know is ISFP's(that cause JD is one). If ISFP's like little-big competition/fun rivalry as in sports. He the man. My friend said every time she chat with him on internet. They always get into like a who better football team Bronocs or Raiders Debate :wink: ?(they did the last three times). He good at joking around especialy reminding you of stupids things you done in the past if he knows you well(he doesn't like being reminded of stupid/embarrassing things he did in his child hood). He a conquere and a leader. If he wants to do something he does it. His career choice is marketing/financing stuff. Don't argue with him unless youre good at handling his attack of words and facts and good with responding back to give him a challenge. He has a tone that get loud if he trying to win an argument.