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An SEI once got mad, because I said something like, if someone doesn't make education they have proven to be bad at what they tried to learn. She found it to be to harsh.

So I guess the bluntness and directness of Te.
You said it way weird. If someone doesn't make education. If someone doesn't make education doesn't make sense. If someone doesn't make the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, then they didn't do it right. I do things right without attending lecture from someone else.

It's more apt to say, "If you don't know you will not succeed."

Or "If you do not know you will fail."

That will work much better and is much less confusing to read or hear. To be fair, you might be speaking dutch, in which case, carry on, I don't know if that applies in Dutch.

Yes, this is what I care about, making something that is confusing less confusing. Me and my mother have it out when one person finds something confusing. I'll say the plant, she'll ask which plant, and I'll say that plant and point, which is not helpful, because she never looks. Then she'll eventually get it. She'll then say it's not a plant, it's a tree something stupid. I'm like alright, it doesn't matter, as long as you understand what we're talking about. And she's like, I don't understand. I'm like, you clearly do. This cycle occurs every so often. Probably ISFp and INTp relations.

Another cycle is where I do something wrong, and she gets angry. She does something out of order and I get angry. I can clearly see why she should not do the thing out of order, but yeah, she doesn't. I actually walked out once, because she was trying to get a board into a space, and it was clearly not going to fit. But she didn't know that, and wouldn't listen to explanation. She called me rude for trying to explain, so I left.