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    Introductions to Socionics:

    Type Description and Profiles

    Socionics Theory:


    Fe and Fi Valuing: What do they look like?
    Fi Creative vs Fe Creative
    Differences between Fi and Fe: Your Interpretation
    Fi and character analysis
    Fi described as "Resonance"
    Expressions of Joy in Terms of Ethical Functions
    Fi vs. Fe: quadra values
    Fi vs Fe, do you find the other side suspicious?
    Question for Fe valuers
    Te views of reality as perceived by the types
    A Metaphor for Fe
    Fi as Distinct from Fe and Conventional Ethics
    Judging People - Fi vs Fe
    I disagree that Fi is stronger ethics
    Fe dominance and people skills - why do we assume a correlation?
    Example of Fe criticism
    Fe types and seriousness

    An example of Ti vs. Te
    The T Wars
    Example of Te and Ti approach same subject
    what is Te?
    Te base description
    Back to the basics of Te
    What does Ti do?
    Ti - What it is and isn't
    Can we talk about Ti please?
    Te and Ti
    Ti: Logic or inner confidence?
    Te vs. Ti from the point of view of an ENFp

    Is Ni really so hard to describe?
    Ni and Self-Consciousness
    Ni-creative: Manipulative by nature?
    Thought About Ni
    Explain Ni
    On Ni
    Ni PoLR & discussion of Ni
    Ne vs Ni
    Recognizing Se/Ni vs Ne/Si
    Understanding Ne
    Ne and empirical data
    Examples of extraverted intuition Ne
    Ni as the Function of Sequence
    Ni sucks
    Intuition & Toilet Paper
    Ne/Si – not in touch with the real world?
    Ne vs. Ni: Inter & Intra-Systems Thinking

    Identifying Si Egos
    Se as described by ESTp
    Se and aggression
    Se Egos & Confrontation
    What Se is like in Ego-block
    What is Si?
    (Si) > its gifts and set backs
    Si and physical states
    Si, Se, and the Use of Force
    A random thought about Si
    Ne types: How do you see Se-egos?

    Mixed IE discussions
    Pi/Pe and Ji/Je
    Ni/Se and Ne/Si
    Ti vs. Ne
    Fe-Ti and Fi-Te
    Ni/Se vs Se/Ni
    Base/Ignoring and Creative/Demonstrative
    Another Consensus Thread
    Socionix IE Write-Up collection

    General Socionics Resources:

    How to Tell Types Apart:

    ILE/ENTp (NeTi)
    LII/INTj (TiNe)
    ESE/ESFj (FeSi)
    SEI/ISFp (SiFe)
    EIE/ENFj (FeNi)
    IEI/INFp ((NiFe)
    SLE/ESTp (SeTi)
    LSI/ISTj (TiSe)
    LIE/ENTj (TeNi)
    ILI/INTp (NiTe)
    SEE/ESFp (SeFi)
    ESI/ISFj (FiSe)
    LSE/ESTj (TeSi)
    SLI/ISTp (SiTe)
    IEE/ENFp (NeFi)
    EII/INFj (FiNe)

    Visual Identification:

    Additional Links:

    Links to various articles:

    Wikisocion Articles Compilation

    Online translators:

    Socionics in other languages:

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