hopefully i can get some help with something i have been working on.

for those not familiar, Logocentrism essentially is the focus on the transcendental signifier, or a focus on the signifier signifying itself. it is transcendental because it brings us "closer to god".

however, Jung's end was "undifferentiation" and sought to achieve the same ends as the Logocentric tradition, but did not approach it from the logocentric tradition. his writing was not a transcendental signifier. there is no presense in his work.

anyone familiar with logcentric texts cannot deny their validity, and anything that does not have presense is not valid. so my question is: how can logocentrism be reconciled with jung? is anyone familiar with these topics?

Edit: In other words, does anyone see an issue with the fact that Socionics/Jung/Science does not actually explain consciousness, but masquerades that it does?