I have been friends with a mate for a long time(about 16 years) im an ENFP. Last night i got him to do a basic Socionics test and he really struggled. Couldn't decide what he was but he ended up comming out as an ESTJ.

I have read the description and he doesn't agree with some of it but i believe he could be one.. Its funny because in another post i read that they wouldn't be interested in socionics and he was mildly interested but not really. Its interesting becuase this would make is activity partners which i think from a friends perspective is really cool. Its weird we often dont talk for a few weeks but we both dont mind, then we will talk again and be best of friends.

He is studying medicine as his dad is a doctor. He likes to play soccer, has quite a lot of energy. Hes quite bright he got a very high score at school. He seems to be quite intellectual often likes to talk my head off explaining things(sometimes i get a little bored). He has been called arogant quite a few times before.

Anyway from the short description do you think hes an ESTJ? Sorry but no way of getting him on the forum i dont think he could be bothered.