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Thread: Model 2 amended - does my socionics test work?

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    Default Model 2 amended - does my socionics test work?

    Please let me know if my socionics test (below) works:

    Which ONE of the following describes you the best:
    o live mostly in the external world around them - are more comfortable in the company of others - are overall more energetic - have a broader but less in depth field of interests and skills - tend to speak and interact more than introspect - have more friends and continually expand their network. (Introversion)
    o are mostly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings - enjoy their time alone and value their privacy - tend to conserve or look for ways to conserve their time and energy - are more specialized and focused in their interests and skills - tend to introspect more than speaking and interacting - have a smaller network of friends but value them more; more resistant to new relationships. (Extroversion)

    Choose ONE of the four sections below that describes you the CLOSEST (OVERALL). Once you have chosen a section, choose ONE of the two descriptions in that section that describes you the CLOSEST.

    o You are peaceful and diplomatic and know well how to avoid confrontations and conflicts. You know how to make others happy. You always try to uplift any situation, turning negative into positive. You have patience for others inability's and shortcomings. When you interact with others you are tactful, polite and do not like to pressurise or push people. (ISFp/ESFj)
    o You are firm and definite, and if required, can defend yourself and relatives well. You are very hardworking and always keep your home and workplace clean and in order. You achieve your goals through perseverance and systematic consistency. You are straight and uncompromising when defending your point of view or when criticising others. People respect and appreciate your principals and seriousness. (ISFj/ESFp)

    o Having analysed an idea and understood its importance and potential you are often converted to it. You constantly develop and perfect it. (INTj/ENTp)
    o You are cautious, prudent, wise and clear-sighted. You have the ability to create good conditions in which to function, arranging all items so you can rationally organise your work and leisure. You know how to stimulate others to business activities and enterprises in order that people can achieve a high financial level. (INTp/ENTj)

    o You understand others moods and dispositions well and will often use your good sense of humour to uplift friends, family and therefore yourself also. You possess a rich variety of emotions and you can apply it to many situations. You depend greatly on your emotions to guide yourself. Sometimes you show great feeling for people and may often idealise others. Wherever you go you create an atmosphere of elation and optimism. (INFp/ENFj)
    o You are prepared to spend time, energy and effort helping people with real need. Your aim is to create peaceful, harmonious, conflict free surroundings, in which others feel comfortable expressing their talents. You are an effective counsellor and peacemaker. You forgive others for negative behaviour, instead appealing to people's conscience where ethical situations are concerned. (INFj/ENFp)

    o You have a good business sense. You usually only undertake projects that you feel will be beneficial to yourself in a material sense and you stay away from unprofitable ventures. You can work very hard to achieve a goal. Your method of working is deliberate, steady and with attention to details. Usually you plan every detail of your work beforehand and prepare all necessary items before, often showing inventiveness and practicality. (ISTp/ESTj)
    o You are persistent and persevering when working towards your goals. You know well how to practically utilise reference material. You are a good administrator and make sure that your instructions and plans are carried out to your specifications. You do not compromise when it comes to fulfilling your duties. You can impose discipline on to others especially those who do not fulfil their duties. (ISTj/ESTp)

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    Thank you for your effort, but I do not quite see this test working any better than the previous. This standard socionics modelling has its limitations - we should be able to come up with something totally different.
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