I realized that I have a very vague understanding of the differences between these functions. This realization came to me mainly when Rocky pointed out a misunderstanding I had about a certain area. It all started when I first introduced myself to oldham and then MBTI. My first impression was that perceiving was about understanding the big picture, being creative, caring about your surroundings and not really trouncing people for their actions. I had thought that Judging was about looking at the details. Then after a while I realized this wrong and for whatever reason I thought that thinking was about the details and feeling was about the big picture, even though deep inside I knew that made no sense.

I had a pretty unbiased view about sensing and intuition. My first impression was that intuition was about prediction and sensing was about being aware of your environment. I did not think that one was better than the other at the time, they were equals to me. Though, I developed a bias that intuition was better with time mainly due to MBTI or another source.

Then, eventually I came to the biased understanding that intuition was about seeing the big picture, creativity, imagination, creating excellent solutions. My biased understanding of sensing was that it was about looking at the details, seeing things as they appear and doing repetitive tasks. Now I'm realizing that I was wrong and the sources could be wrong too. The idea I have now is that perception (sensing and inuition) are just two different modes that are equal. With your help, I want to know the truth just by knowing ithe strengths and weaknesses of those traits and the general idea.