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Thread: "A Commentary on Jung's Typology" by Aushra Aug

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    Default "A Commentary on Jung's Typology" by Aushra Aug

    I've started a new thing here:
    These are notes with some quotes on the important concepts of this article by A.A.

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    Default Feeling and thinking

    I liked that bit about feeling and thinking but I disagree that the confusion what function is stronger- means that neither of the functions is really developed. I also disagree that only one function is dominant. The world is binar. I believe that people feel pretty strong on their first/base and role function (whatever you call it 4th or 3d function) in a way that the irrational types will feel strongly about their sensing and intuition and rational on the opposite. The feeling and thinking of a rational introvert will be qualitatively different from a rational extravert: abstract for an introvert and very "material/grounded" for an extravert.

    Not sure if it does make sense for you but it definetly does for me. I am a rational introvert and feel more safe in my introverted rational functions but I come to understand that I will be not happy if I will not blalance my rationality with the magic world of irrationality. At the moment I am more interested in this dichotomy - rationality and irrationality: . Now I understand my irrationality better than ever. I act often as irrational extravert thanks to my second creative function but life /people teach me to think about the consequences of what I am doing here and now. Of course, no matter how I progress on this balancing I will never become too carefull as intuitive types: intuition will never ever manage to hold me back, to make me passive when th need for action will be obvious...
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