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Thread: Thoughts on Subtypes

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    Default Thoughts on Subtypes

    Instead of looking at which named function is preferred, I thought perhaps to look at whether the base of creative functions are preferred (base subtype and creative subtype as opposed to something like intuitive subtype). A lot of this may just end up broken as I've seen very little information of subtypes, so a lot of this is just guessing and filling in gaps with possibilities.

    The base function is the ego function through which a person primarily takes in and understands "his world". It is the method he chooses to initially take in information, before consciously manipulating it in any manner.

    The creative function is the ego function by which thoughts and actions are realized and communicated. Such thoughts and actions are based upon the information as it was taken in by the base function, hence why types in a look-a-like pair (two types who share the same creative function) will realize in a similar manner, however they realize different things as the information they work from was perceived in different manners.

    A base subtype would (in theory) prefer to focus more on taking in information from the outside world. A creative subtype would prefer to make use of the information already taken in. There would not appear to be much difference between the two subtypes of a given type, as they both still take in information the same way and act upon it the same way. A creative subtype might superficially look something like its mirror partner.

    Subtype could be either inborn or cultivated by the environment. Either way, it's possible that the subtype is more of a continuum than a discrete definition. One would likely fall somewhere between base subtype and creative subtype, depending on how he balances taking information in and acting on it.

    I'm starting to think subtypes might be an effort to make socionics explain more of the personality than socionics is capable of explaining.

    Any thoughts, additions, or corrections?

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    Accepting Subtype: better at learning information than producing subtype
    Producing Subtype: better at applying what they have learned than accepting subtype

    Just thought I'd throw that in there...

    Since you said the creative subtype looks superficially like its mirror partner, I guess the accepting subtype would look more like its comparative partner.

    "Supposing the entity of the poet to be represented by the number 10, it is certain that a chemist, on analyzing it, would find it to be composed of one part interest and nine parts vanity." (Victor Hugo)

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    I found this post of mine on another forum. Ive officially been thinking of subtypes for 1 year now. Kind sad, eh? Anyways, here was the post:

    edit delete reply jadae wrote on Aug 30, '05
    Okay this was an interesting conversation. Pren is an intp student from Texas in his early 20s and is prone to vulgar language so please be forewarned. Merton is an entj Russian-American going into grad school from Chicago. He is also verbally abusive when moody and thinks drinking is a lifestyle (therefore I dont communicate with him).

    Start of Pren buffer: Tue Aug 30 20:55:41 2005
    [20:20] Jade: hey uh you there?
    [20:20] Pren: sorta si
    [20:20] Jade: you still talk to merton?
    [20:21] Pren: as of this second, yes
    [20:21] Pren: i am asking him about washing expensive clothes
    [20:21] Jade: if I sent you some russian words could you get him to translate?
    [20:21] Jade: they dont translate online
    [20:21] Pren: probably
    [20:22] Jade: I'll make a list
    [20:29] Jade: 1/2 way done
    [20:39] Pren: dudor i haev 2 showr
    [20:39] Jade: smell that bad eh
    [20:39] Jade: joking..
    [20:39] Pren: i still need to do homework before bed
    [20:39] Jade: almost done :x
    [20:42] Jade: k
    [20:42] Jade: voodushevlennym







    svikh ill-wishers







    kompleksuyet apropos







    GARMONIZATOR (Harmonizer?)





    neuverenny (nervous?)






    voodushevlennoye (glad?)










    [20:43] Jade: just send it to him when you have time or whatever
    [20:43] Jade: its for a psych analysis thingy that was in russian and those are the left over words that dont translate
    [20:44] Pren: did you know that dillards sells silk male thongs in the sportswear section?
    [20:44] Pren: sex is a full contact sport lawl
    [20:45] Pren: i sent the request
    [20:45] Jade: I dont know what dillards is
    [20:45] Jade: but Im guessing a texas store
    [20:45] Jade: or elsewhere
    [20:45] Pren: wtf...department store. overpriced
    [20:45] Jade: none here
    [20:45] Jade: thanks for the help btw
    [20:46] Jade: its gonna take me forever to put the translation into something readable and into a proper format =\
    [20:46] Pren: ... ... ... beskompromissen raspolagayushche punctilious izyskanno bezemotsional'nym soblyudayet semenyashchaya kopya Beskompromissen raskovanno [22:16] ybendiks: wtf
    [20:46] Pren: [22:16] Prennn: que
    [20:47] Jade: did the words get trashed in the translator?
    [20:48] Pren: i don't know.
    [20:48] Pren: [22:14] Prennn: hey, want a random list of russian words to translate? [22:14] Prennn: voodushevlennym Artistichen obayatelen rasslablyayushche uspokaivayushche ... ...
    [20:48] Pren: (i'm very persuasive)
    [20:48] Jade: rofl
    [20:49] Jade: so why homework?
    [20:49] Jade: its like
    [20:49] Jade: vacation time
    [20:49] Pren: for expan...damnit. spanish
    [20:49] Pren: i'm in school
    [20:50] Jade: already? booo
    [20:50] Pren: [22:19] Prennn: were the words butchered? [22:20] ybendiks: lets take third to last word [22:20] ybendiks: Kopya [22:20] ybendiks: i can translate it either as "copy" or "spears" [22:21] Prennn: well. that's... awkward [22:21] ybendiks: take your picl
    [20:50] Pren: er, pick
    [20:52] Pren: i r really need to do things =x it sounds like he's very wtf about it
    [20:52] Jade: There is another extreme - can keep silent, and then, kopya of offence, it will for long avoid contact.

    [20:52] Jade: ya go take shower
    [20:52] Pren: are you sure the middle section isn't like
    [20:52] Pren: 'fuck your mother up the stairs with a firepost'?
    [20:52] Jade: uhm
    [20:53] Jade: Im sure
    [20:53] Jade: theyre from 3 pages of text in no order
    [20:53] Pren: [22:21] ybendiks: do you need to translate this for school or something? [22:22] Prennn: someone i know got a russian psychology article or something for school and the translator shit itself when it tried to parse those. [22:22] Prennn: i wonder why. [22:24] ybendiks: haha [22:24] ybendiks: i shit myself trying to read them
    [20:53] Jade: lol
    End of Pren buffer: Tue Aug 30 20:55:41 2005

    Interesting......... and annoying.


    I remember quitting because no one seemed to care and the work would not have been worthwhile.

    Im still debating whether or not Cpig or Pren is more funny. Hmmmm...

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