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Thread: What types do YOU feel resemble you?

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    Default What types do YOU feel resemble you?

    I hear a lot of people on here talking about how and why due to socionic, Myers-Briggs, functions etc. why different types resemble them or other types. I'm just wondering what types you feel resemble you and I why? Also, what are the differnces that you think might help those distinquish you from others?

    For me, eNTP:

    ENFP - I'm very eager to please, we are both a bit messy and scattered, and we both are very good at grasping things really quick. We both have a love for adventure. Big difference I see that is I'm a bit more emotionally distanced than an ENFP and to me, they seem to let their child-like side out more than I do. I think they might enjoy dressing up more than me and like the attention from it. But they can also have buttons done up wrong and fuzzies on their blouses like I've done in the past.

    ESTP - We are both problem solvers with positive can-do attitudes. We can both be carefree and fun appearing. The big difference here is that I tend to take a lot more into consideration when making a decision than an ESTP does so don't run into the same consequences. They seem so eager to move on that they leave details not attended to. I would like to do that but see the consequences so tend to take care of them first prior to moving on. I am also a lot more considerate of the feelings of others compared to the ESTPs I know. They are also better dressers than me and take care of themselves physically better than I do. Competence and knowledge is much more important to me than them. I have an ESTP sister and despite all her wonderful qualities, there are all these huge road blocks because beyond the superficial we are so different.

    INTP - This might just because I'm only barely E but I find conversations with them very stimulating and informative. Its very interesting to watch an ENTP and INTP have a conversation they are both passionate about. We will compete for air time though because we both are excited to share our ideas. We both have that absent minded professor thing kind of going for us. Differences I think are, I'm a bit more intense, they can be more patient than I am, and I tend to be focused more on thinking about stuff and making connections (learning what is required to make those connections) while the ones I know tend to be more interested in just learning in general. We can both be very casual in our appearance. I can come across almost snobbish sometimes too which is much different than the non-assuming attitude of the INTPs I know. I strive for that attitude though. I can so see why INTPs are so liked and respected. I can picture working very well with an INTP.

    ENFJ - I have a sister who is an ENFJ and people are always commenting on how much we are alike even though we don't see it. We both have good senses of humour and when we get each other going we are hysterical. We are both very outgoing and take charge people. We do it in different ways though. She actually takes charge while I tend to just go about my business and people come to me to solve their problems and I end up becoming the leader. We both feel responsible in social situations to make everyone feel included. If we see a shy person off in the corner we will try to draw them into the conversation or connect with them in some way. She definately dresses better than me and has more of an interest in clothes. For me, that kind of stuff is a good thing but I usually have so many things on that list that its not my biggest priority.

    We definately talk similarly in just generalized conversations. Actually we will often talk at the same time saying the exact same thing. Its when the conversation heads to a more intellectual type conversation that she will start to clam up and get bored with it and that's where I tend to shine. We will both act as advocates for people but she does it more with her mouth while I tend to give them the support so they can fight their own battles. If someone asks me to fight a battle for them though my immediate response is yes, because I enjoy the battle but I know its not the right thing to do and feel guilty about it.

    ENTJ - But only when I'm angry. I tend to be much more laid back than an ENTJ and don't have that need to control. But when I'm angry, my wrath can seem very much like the wrath of an ENTJ. I can be very intimidating and know how to push people's buttons when I want to. I just rarely ever want to. This is a hard one for me. The ENTJs I knew had other people just buy their clothes for them so were very well dressed but claimed it wasn't thier forte. They also seemed to have a healthy life style. They took care of themselves physically and ate properly.

    In a perfect world I could just be me all the time. But in reality not many people understand a female ENTP. My whole life people have been trying to figure out what was wrong with me instead of understanding I was just really different but there was nothing really wrong with me.

    I've had to learn to adapt to function in the world. I think that might be why people say ENTPs are so chamelion-like. We know we are most likely not going to be accepted for who we are so instantly adapt in new situations to the people we are dealing with. Its to benefit communication and so we won't be stared at as an oddity that needs to be criticized, not because we are wishy-washy.

    Some personality attributes are more valued in males than in females and probably vice-versa. My practical joking and sometimes boistrous attitude has been subdued by society. Where male ENTPs are forgiven if not loved for the same attibute. Its made me a little unsure sometimes about expressing that side of myself to people.

    My asserting in logical terms is often considered a male trait so again, its something that has actually been used to insult me before. Again though, in a male, it is considered a positive trait.

    These types of things have all had impacts on the way I act and my confidence in expressing certain sides of myself. The older I get though the more comfortable I am with me and the more comfortable people seem to be with me.

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    Default Re: What types do YOU feel resemble you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Polly_G
    My whole life people have been trying to figure out what was wrong with me instead of understanding I was just really different but there was nothing really wrong with me.

    Well, I at least understand that
    Posts I wrote in the past contain less nuance.
    If you're in this forum to learn something, be careful. Lots of misplaced toxicity.

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    ~a certain mysterious power that may prove terribly fascinating to the extraverted man, for it touches his unconscious.

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