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I was reading the INFj description and the following seems to be contradictory to me:

For Fi it states: Probably the most powerful aspect of Fi is the forming of a subjective value system by which one uses to connect to others through a maintained and refined view of moral right, wrong, and good;

This to me, unless I'm misunderstanding directly contradicts what was written for the 8th function of Ni: Loyalty to a strong qualified belief system will never interest an INFj!

What am I missing here? Either I'm confusing the terms somehow, or these are contradicting each other.

INFj - http://socion.info/cgi-bin/descriptions.cgi?TYPE=12

Hmmm, that is interesting that you brought that up, and I agree that the wording of that might be confusing. I should probably clarify that the context of "belief" in the Ni description has to do with how Ni relates to Ne, and is not ment to be held within the context of 'having a system of ethics." Though, it is true that INFjs have a very intense system of ethics by which they form an impression of right and wrong.

Although, In relation to the Ne and Ni, what that is saying is that INFjs seek alternatives in the way that they express Fi and that they may at times find creative ways to direct peoples attention to their expressions of Fi. However, they also often have limited knowledge to their own ability to express Ni, which is time tested value in belief and tend to ignore steeping into traditional ways to express Fi.

Hopefully that makes better sense ...