1. "The body does not house the spirit – it is the spirit; the body is the spirit pressed out. God is not in you, the being itself is the expression of the Godhood."

2. "Our sexual energy and spiritual energy are one and the same. That's what people don't want to recognize. If you study anything about mysticism over the centuries, and your mystics or Saint Francis and all the different saints, it's what they've experienced, the energy that passes through them. If you know anything about Sufism, anything about these things, you know they move with that sexual energy because it is a creative, divine energy."

3. "the sexual act itself is the sharing between two people of their spiritualfleshy energies."

4. "The root of eroti-phobia is the fear of the body itself. Because of the natural energies, forces, feelings, and powers that run through our bodies, we naturally have a strong aversion to it, fearing that they are going to get out of control. In the States, they are in for control. That's their strong, habitual inclination. They like control over everything, not just their bodily feelings – over other people, people's beliefs, people's way of living."