and examples of their usage, i have just a couple to throw out, i think it'd be useful if people threw out their own examples. It's also important to note that the way people express these functions(especially in conversation) is DEADLY important. Because you can never be someone else, so you'll have your own idea of what a function is(and unfortunately, there is no right answer), but consensus is achieved through conversation and the trading of ideas. And i believe functions best manifest in conversation or action, not in typing and writing(there's just too much time to think it over. i mean, i know if i wanted to, i could make a new account and act a certain way and fool all of you into thinking i was a certain type.) psh, just some groundwork. Also, i've noticed that people often rely and openly source the available socionics material by word. that's really annoying, no? And if you read those articles, you may notice there is a single author. A single person rationalizing every type seems ridiculous and unscientific. I think a good type description would be a huge listing of examples of reactions in situations of a particular type(as observed by the person of that type, or somebody else observing that type). Not examples that read like the nature channel transcripts( "He is a man of sound logic." What the hell, speak human asshole.)

introverted sensing- It's said this occurs when people recognize a tonality or even 'vibe' of another person or their expressions. that said, the person who uses introverted sensing is going to be the first person watching tv and saying "this guy looks like a this guy etc etc" or the first person to hear a melody and know another song it relates to in key. This is my idea of introverted sensing. Also, i think introverted sensing can really scare people who are in touch with it. In example, they could look at someone with a particular crafty or shifty face or expression and be really taken back by it. or they could hear duke ellington's "the mooche"(kind of a fiery old jazz number. when i hear it, i just see demon horn players and fat laughing men. don't take drugs. Must be all the use of the flatted fifth. DUN DUN DUN. know what i mean?) and think solely of hell.

well your turn. and don't say "extraverted intuition: This functions relates to seeing possibilities in things." jesus, say "Extraverted Intuition: This function may come into use like this: While watching a friend play a videogame, the observed started to picture a new level in his head."

I dunno, try not to force other people to use their intuition when writing function descriptions. ahahaha